not one size fits all.

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At GEM, we’re focused on empowering women and providing them with more control over any situation they are faced with, by developing wearable technology for personal safety that checks all the boxes: discreet, customizable, and affordable.

Gone are the days of loud, blaring alarms and bulky safety devices—we’re working on building out accessories (think convenient watch app and sleek bluetooth earring) that suit any woman in any situation, whether they’re safe, in an emergency, or faced with anything in-between.

Our goal is to make safety a right—not a burden, and we’ll keep innovating to make this a reality.




Meg Richey

Co-Founder & CEO

Alice Yeh

Co-Founder & CTO

Liam Fay

Lead Hardware Engineer

Darrah Sheehan

Co-Director of Marketing and Operations

Kimball Sheehan

Co-Director of Marketing and Operations


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